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Text Box: Welcome to “Greytown @ a glance”.  A website designed to give you, the browser, a more in depth journey into Greytown, the Umvoti area and its immediate surrounds;  what the town has to offer to its residents and the travellers journeying through;  and informative enough to those relocating to the area, making their transition into a new area a little smoother and less daunting; also exciting enough to make you log in again!!
Greytown is a little town on “The Amble” in the KZN Midlands and is brimful of interesting people,  places and activities.  Greytown is blessed with talented artists, farmers and entrepreneurs….
“Greytown @ a glance” purpose is  to create an awareness and to promote our town, our business’s, our schools, our people and our culture.  The site has been launched uncompleted, so that you, the visitor to this site, can join me in building it with the information and news that you require.  The site will continue to evolve and I welcome any suggestions and improvements.  It is a platform from which we can communicate in regards to what is happening in our town on a daily basis whether  by posting  minutes of council meetings; updates on our current water situation; problems and solutions experienced by residents, businesspeople, travellers and tourists;  or forthcoming events, local achievements, and every other conceivable thing that comes to mind…………. the list is never ending.
Your contribution will be appreciated by millions world wide, so please send me your thoughts, ideas, photo’s, whatever, and I will utilise the information where I can.  General listing is free.  Should you wish to advertise, email admin@greytownataglance.co.za.  Check if you are listed and if your information is correct.
Politics, porno and prejudice are taboo. 

“Greytown @ a glance” cannot be held liable for any errors in information or advertising, received and publicised.

You use the information you glean from this site at own risk. Remember the map is not the territory. 

Thank you for visiting the site, have a pleasant journey!!

May 2009
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